Torbay Grammar School Admissions Procedures

Parents complete a common 11 plus registration form for Churston Grammar, Torquay Boys' Grammar School, Torquay Girls' Grammar School and the Spires College (formerly Westlands) Selective Stream.


This form should be handed into the school where the parents wish their child to take the 11+ test (logically their first choice Grammar School).


This form should be returned to the first choice Grammar School by the beginning of September (different schools have slightly different closing dates).


The school will then send the parents a letter advising them of arrangements for the 11 plus test; the letter should arrive around 10 days before the first exam.


In October guidance letters will be sent to parents of all children who have sat the 11 plus. The letters will be sent by the school where the child took the 11 plus. These letters will indicate whether an application to a selective school is likely to be successful.


The letter will NOT


* give a score or a ranking


* give a definite promise of a place.


The letter will state that "The test score achieved suggests that you would gain a place at the following schools."


If there is a "Yes" next to the school name this means that the child would probably gain a place at this school if it were their first choice. The school cannot give a definite offer of a place because they do not know how many parents will actually put them as first choice on the Common Application Form.


If there is a "No" next to the school name it means that the child will almost certainly NOT gain a place at the school, but you could contact the school to get some guidance on this.


Parents now need to complete a Common Application Form either on-line (better, because you get the results quicker) or on paper by 31st October.


National Allocation Day will be the first weekday in March (Friday 1st March in 2019) so you will not know definitely which school your child is going to until then.


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