11 Plus in Torbay                     

The Eleven Plus examination is used by Grammar Schools to select pupils on the basis of ability. The dates and formats of the test vary around the country. This website is primarily aimed at parents living in Torbay, but if you would like more information about the 11 plus in another area or would like to purchase credits to allow your child to complete over 200 tests online and get INSTANT feedback please visit our sister site Roots2Success-11plus.


In Torbay, the 11 plus is taken at the first choice Grammar School, but results are shared between schools. So if your child sits the eleven plus at Torquay Boys' Grammar they will also be considered by Churston Grammar as long as you put Churston on your Common Application Form.


Torbay now uses two tests administered by the CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) which test a variety of different elements including comprehension, vocabulary, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. In 2017 there was also an English writing task, but this was removed in 2018. After you register your child to take the 11 plus you will be sent a letter giving detailed information on the timings and format of the test; you will also be sent a copy of the Torbay CEM Test Familiarisation Booklet


2017 English  writing test - This has been abolished so the 2018 comprised just the two CEM tests and the 2019 test will also have this format; read our blog post  on changes to the Torbay 11 plus or contact us for more information.


Date of 2019 11 plus: Saturday 14th September, starting around 9 am.


11+ RESOURCES AVAILABLE (English comprehension, verbal reasoning (CEM style) and maths) - click here for more details


For more information about the eleven plus in Torbay click on the links below or follow @11plusonline on twitter.


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PLEASE NOTE: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information on this page, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed as changes may be made by the schools as they develop the new 11 plus format.


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