Torbay 11 Plus Mock Exams

Mock exams give children the opportunity to get used to the exam situation rather than going "cold" into the real thing. The exams will consist of two CEM style papers which will be as close as possible to the actual 11 plus in terms of format, timings and the way the exam is invigilated. They are a good predictor of how children will perform in the real 11 plus.

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Mock Exam Format: The exams will be held between April and August, each 11 plus mock exam will take place on Saturday morning from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and will be followed by a feedback session the following week. Week two is optional, but highly recommended to ensure your child receives feedback on how to improve. As well as general feedback there will be individual feedback specific to your child; the feedback session will also be from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  The cost of the exam is £30 and the feedback session costs £20.

Mock feedback: The week after completing the paper, there will be an opportunity for your child to go through the exam questions with a tutor.

Mock Exam Dates for 2018


Mock 1: April 21st and April 28th


Mock 2: May 12th and May 19th


Mock 3: June 23rd and June 30th


Mock 4: July 21st and July 28th


Mock 5: 18th August and 25th August



The cost is £30 for week 1 and £20 for week 2.


VENUE: Totnes Methodist Church Hall