Why should I buy Roots 2 Success English Comprehensions?

The main reason is that your child will ENJOY using them much more than the average 11 plus English comprehension test which you can buy in the shops or elsewhere online. This is because Roots 2 Success English comprehensions have been specially written with a 9-10 year old child in mind rather than just adapting an old-fashioned text which your child would probably find boring!

The eleven plus exam normally now uses much more modern texts than it used to in order to make the comprehension test more accessible to children from all backgrounds.


In Roots 2 Success eleven plus English comprehensions, the text and questions have been written in tandem to ensure the maximum enjoyment and educational benefit.


Roots 2 Success 11+ English comprehensions....


... are interesting and enjoyable

... encourage reading

... build knowledge of relevant vocabulary

... build knowledge of parts of speech

... build knowledge of literary devices

... introduce children to new adjectives and adverbs

... inspire children to more creative and descriptive writing

... help prepare your child for the 11 plus, SATS and other examinations

... help your child develop strategies for success


"I enjoyed doing the comprehension online" - Amy, Paignton


"Roots 2 Success comprehensions are fun because they are online; my favourite was 'A dog called Sherbet'" - Estelle, Torquay


"My favourite was 'Ornithology'; I prefer doing them online" - Cameron, Paignton


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